Who Is The Karma Traveller?


Gili Yoga 200 RYT

(Gili Trawangan, 2016)

Restorative YTT 35 hours

(The Path Yoga Centre

Vancouver, 2017)

YHot YTT 30 hours

(YYoga, Vancouver, 2017)

Usui Reiki II

(The Vancouver School of bodywork & massage, Vancouver, 2017)

Indian Head Massage

(The Vancouver School of bodywork & massage, Vancouver, 2017)

Understanding Eating Disorders

(Certificate, Douglas College, 2017) 


Welcome and Thank You so much for stopping by!

I found yoga as a grounding and healing practice to navigate life in times of struggle in 2009. I ''accidently'' did my 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training while travelling in Indonesia in 2016 as a modality to deepen my practice. Ironically, my intention was never to teach yoga. However, I felt compelled to volunteer at Karma Teachers after my travels, a non-profit yoga studio in Vancouver. I fell in love with sharing my practice with the students.​ It all became clear what I really wanted to do with my life: I had to share the practice and all the benefits that are surrounded by a more calm mind and a heart filled with love and joy. I also strongly felt that I needed to help others in order to feel completely alive and fulfilled.

​With that in mind, I travelled to Central America to volunteer in a small community located in the Pacific Northern part of Nicaragua, Jiquilillo. I spent 2 months in Nicaragua and this second life-changing experience made me feel I was on the right path to my Life purpose! I met people that shared my visions, my dreams and my hopes to make this world a better place.

​My dream is to share that yoga is a practice we need to bring more into our day-to-day life: on and off the mat. Beside the physical part (asanas) of yoga, there are many other aspects that this world needs. 

I truly hope you will feel inspired to join The Karma Traveller in any destinations or adventures you may chose, so we can participate in this journey together.

Feel free to contact me for more information.



«I had no idea my week in Nicaragua would be so amazing! Thank you The Karma Traveller for bringing us together on this special retreat and introducing me to yoga.» - Katrina S.

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«This past week has been the best experience of my life!»

- Tina S.

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«Ce voyage fût un dépassement de soi à tous les niveaux, avec un sentiment de mieux-être en souvenir! Cette semaine m’a permis d’ouvrir les yeux et de réévaluer certaines habitudes de vie et de consommation. En bref, une expérience enrichissante, un choc culturel et beaucoup de découvertes. Définitivement une expérience à renouveler!» - Aude S.