Julie teaches as a sub teachers at Karma Teachers, a non-profit (by donation) yoga studio Downtown Vancouver, where all the staff members volunteer their time.

''Thank you for the amazing meditation and Hatha class yesterday Julie. I really loved your sequencing for Hatha.''  - Sarah W.

''Julie, you are an angel sent to the world. Your offerings help In so many ways. You made my day. And I thank you!'' - Pixie L.

Working on house building project in Jiquilillo, Nicaragua, thru Speroway 

Speroway works in the rural Nicaraguan communities of Jiquilillo, Los Zorros,

Padre Ramos and the  community of El Limonal near Chinandega.  Activities

and initiativesare pursued in collaboration with these communities, and in part-nership with other participating organizations  with a shared vision of alleviating  poverty through improved education, accessible healthcare and enhanced self-employment opportunities.

Not only The Karma Traveller supports the community of El Limonal during it's  retreats, but is currently fundraising to build a house at the Jiquilillo women's cooperative.


Nicaragua has one of the highest housing deficits in Central America with over 78% of the population living in inadequate homes or are homeless. Lack of adequate housing causes families to live with a constant burden of uncertainty, stress and fear. Safe and decent shelter provides an opportunity for families to break generational cycles of poverty and build better, healthier, and more stable lives.


In collaboration with Speroway, The Karma Traveller is raising funds to support the relocation and safe and adequate housing for low-income families. Through your gift you will be helping to support these women and their children who are apart of the Women's Faith and Hope Cooperative in the community of Jiquilillo. 

You can donate here and we sincerely Thank You for your help and generosity. Any amount counts and you will receive a Tax receipt from Speroway.