Build self-trust, one glass of water at the time!

''I love you, I am listening'', when is the last time you spoke those words to yourself?

How we treat our bodies, our minds and our souls matters.

We already know that, but somehow, how many times do we postpone self-care or self-love routine because of a ''lack of time''?

Wanting to meditate, but then don't really ''find'' the time.

Too busy to eat. To drink Water. To exercice. To sleep.

Our body's intelligence is there to support us: it's ta

Lack of self-trust or self-confidence doesn't only come from one source alone, but a combinaison of actions and thoughts that have been conditionned for a while.

Use your own wisdom and your body intelligence to rebuilt yourself, one step at the time!

Start to use these small steps to regain self-confidende and self-trust.

Be patient, be gentle and be compasionnate with yourself.

1- When you are thirsty, drink water. I kow, it sounds silly. But you need to make yourself a priority and have your basic needs met: stay hydrated!

Your body intelligence will pick up on it, one glass at the time.

2- When you are hungry, eat nutritious food. I know, pretty basic, right? Reiterate to yourself and your subconscious that you are a priority. Fuel your body and avoid carrences (that can lead to illnesses). Nutritious food will help your to stay healthy and keep you ALIVE.

3- When you need a mental day: take it. If you are tired, go to sleep.

The intelligence force of your body knows when it needs to replenish: just like food and water.

4- Remind yourself to trust yourself. Put a sticky note on the miror of the bathroom - or anywhere in the house. Create strategies to ''remember'' you DO trust yourself. If you don't believe it, ''Fake it until you make it'', as the saying goes!

5- Meditate. Daily if possible. Only 5 minutes a day will help you to support better decisions and take appropriate actions in your day-to-day life. Build intention to grow yourself trust during those meditations. Access the inner wisdon that will give you ideas, insights and tools to better function. Create affirmations and mantras to support you.

6-Exercice. Take. The. Time.

7- Honor where you are. And that makes me want to take a tengeante and talk about Yoga practice and listenning to your body. This is the best way to build - not only self-confidence and self-trust - but also self-love. YOUR practice. YOUR body. Honor it. I often see people - and I have been there too! - trying to over do it because they think they ''need'' to follow other students that are a more advanced in their practice wihout honoring and listening to their limitations. It IS important to do so if you want to have a sustainable practice!

Hope this will help you to (re) build self-confidence and self-trust, one glass of water at the time!

Let me know if you have other other tips or suggestions, so we can all share them here!

With love and gratitude,


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